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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

UN praises China for pollution control

BEIJING, Dec. 13 -- CRI, Experts from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said the Chinese government's policy in tackling the major pollution spill in northeast China's Songhua River is right.

They also added that the Chinese government has made its best efforts, and the UNEP would like to offer help regarding information and supervision.

UNEP experts made the statement when they met Chinese environmental officials in Jiamusi city in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang. The three-man group is on a supervisory mission in the area.

The pollution in the Songhua River was caused by a chemical plant explosion in Jilin city of northeast China's Jilin province. About 100 tons of benzene-related materials flowed into the river.

After the accident, the environmental department immediately informed people living along the river. The water supply in Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang, was cut off for four days before taps were reactivated.

Recent test results show that the pollution level has already greatly decreased in the river.


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