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Saturday, December 10, 2005

China To Issue Regulations On Controlling Elec, IT Pollution

NANJING, Dec 9 Asia Pulse - China's Ministry of Information Industry will issue rules on the management and control of pollution by electronics and IT products at the beginning of 2006, according to a national conference on the same subject held on December 6, 2005.

The rules will cover the production, marketing and import of such products as electronic radar, electronic telecom, radio and television broadcast, computer, household electric appliances, electronic measuring devices, special electronic products, electronic components and devices, electronic application and electronic materials.

The rules are not binding on the direct export or products marked with original producers.

The rules are applicable to all producers and sellers of electronic and IT products on China's market. They require that:

- producers should adopt environment-protection materials, technologies and processes listed in the rules.

- producers should mark the terms for the safe use, names and capacity of toxicants, and the recycling ID on goods.

- producers should use non-noxious and recyclable materials as the packaging materials and give clear indications.

- producers should restrict and forbid the adoption of injurants and toxicants by listing injurants and toxicants containing goods in the catalog, and these goods should not contain six objectionable constituents, including lead, hydrargyrum, cadmium, sexavalence chromium, polybromide biphenyl and polybromide diphenyl ether.

- The toxicants that can not be replaced by other substances should be controlled in capacity according to state standards and industry's standards.

- The catalog of pollution control should be adjusted year by year, according to the actual conditions.


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