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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Guiyu, e-waste capital of China

water Photos like these (check out the accompanying multimedia presentation) make me rethink my entire career as tech journalist. This is a mess. In Guiyu, China, the electronics recycling industry has destroyed the ground water and lead poisoning is effecting young children due to the overall mess created by this lucrative sweatshop industry. Money is money, however, and we should start talking with our wallets to the fools and damn fools who churn out piece after piece of quickly obsolete electronics. I don’t know the answer to this problem, friends, but fully recyclable electronics is definitely a start. keywaste



At 4:40 AM, Anonymous B79 said...

One of the solutions I’ve found that help tackle e-waste and keep existing, outdated PCs going is to go with a company called Userful. They’re huge on green computing and can use a single existing PC to power up to ten workstations at once. This is a huge way to help combat e-waste and bring outdated PCs back to life. You can find out more on this here –


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