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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Russia and China to conduct joint monitoring of water quality in trans-border objects

On February 21, Minister of Natural Resources (MNR) of Russia Yuri Trutnev met the head of the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) Zhou Shengxian, after which sides plan to sign a memorandum between MNR and SEPA on joint monitoring of water quality at trans-border objects, that will lead to lowering of pollution to water objects situated near Russian-Chinese border.

Analysis, conducted in 2002-2005 at Amur River, demonstrate negative influence of Songhua River to Amur pollution, because chemical composition of Amur water before and after the emptying of Songhua demonstrate worsening of oxygen regime, increase of oil products, and other toxins.

Negative influence of Chinese pollution can be also seen near Khabarovsk, 220 km far from point where Songhua meets Amur. It leads to lowering of fish resources and its worsening.

Previously, all information about Chinese toxins emissions in water was closed. For example, after a crash at Chinese Jilin Petroleum and Chemical Company at Songhua, that took place on November 13, 2005, Russian side received corresponding information only in fall November.

According to preliminary information, Chinese share in total amount of wastewater in Amur River is 75%, rising to 98% near Ussuri River.

After the signing the memorandum, the Russian side will systematically receive information about pollution in trans-border water objects in the Chinese territory.


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