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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Beijing produces 1,000 tons of X'mas rubbish

PEOPLE in Beijing threw 1,000 tons of Christmas rubbish yesterday, accounting for one ninth of the city's total waste, according to a management committee of civil affairs, Beijing Youth Daily reported today.

"We picked out about 300 to 400 Christmas trees a day, several times more than five years ago. It was not good to the city," said Wu, a member of a major garbage disposal factory.

The garbage, such as Christmas trees, decorations, bulbs, hats, glow sticks, wrappers, cards, even the remainders of the Christmas dinner, may lead to some environmental problems because most of the rubbish cannot be degraded and will damage the ecology of the city.

The newspaper said most of the components of the Christmas rubbish are plastics. Almost all of the Christmas trees in China won't be decomposed, some experts said.

Experts also said the mercury in bulbs on Christmas trees and materials of the light sticks will pollute the water sources of the city.

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